The Bready Bunch – Thanksgiving Update

On this Thanksgiving eve I pause and take reflection on the many things I am grateful for. I’m not going to clutter this post with all of those things, there are many, but rather, narrow my focus to update on The Bready Bunch.  A group of puppies I have been so honored to have helped nurture towards futures as service dogs. And gratitude that I found some time to update this blog as I’ve clearly been behind schedule there!

The quartet — Rye, Poppy, Nickel and Brioche — are transitioning from puppyhood full tilt into adolescence. A time of testing limits with their now greater abilities — they see, smell, hear and move with more intention and clarity for starters — and throughout their 4 months of life there has been, for each puppy, ample time to socialize, learn manners, play, rest and be loved. And grow. Public access skills training — individually and in groups —  will begin in December and we’re already discussing placement dates for 1/2 of the litter then as well.

Adventures over the past 2 months include puppy yoga at 8 weeks, toddler library hour not too much after that, meeting over 35 curious and enthusiastic girl scouts plus their parents and siblings at the meeting, individual outings to pet stores, friend’s homes and backyards, 2 group vet visits, a parade of dogs of varying sizes, breed or breed types, ages, energy levels and social experiences at DIP ( , and visits from each of them back to A Better Pet during their puppy raising. Through it all they grow and grow and are still growing. They enjoy getting together as well — nothing like the no holds barred play with their littermates.

At their 12 week check up last month they ranged in weight between 19 – 22.5 pounds. We’ll see what they weigh when they have their final puppy check up and rabies vaccine after the hubbub of Thanksgiving is over. My best guess is they now range between 23 – 26 pounds. 

Rye has met his boy 3 times now and we’re heading for a December placement; Poppy has done a 4 night overnight sleepover with her partner (and her family) and we’re evaluating timing for an eventual move in there. I’m still assessing Nickel for his future best placement — he is a bit soft, not just his fuzzy beautiful brown coat, but his temperament is very sensitive and loving and calm. I should know more clearly by the end of the year. His future partner will need to be the exact right match for his especial sensitivity and loving nature. And Brioche —  she is currently available and we are also seeking her best fit. She is smart, calm, social, focused, and easy to train. For more on Brioche, go HERE (

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