Be The Light

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Here in the Northern Hemisphere we’re slipping  into the transition states between more and less — more dark, less light — to less dark, more light. As fall has waned and winter will soon take over, I think about how I can be the light. 

My superpower, honed over a lifetime of immersion, is grokking the soul of a dog. And then teaching others to grok along as well with their dog(s). By their very nature, dogs have mastered the simple but powerful benefit of living in the moment. While it’s true they might be triggered by a memory from their past, given the right conditions, they always return to the “now”. And it is in this place, the now, where we can let the stressors of the past and the worries of the future take a rest and give us clarity, calm, focus, balance, strength and flexibility.

I know I have been healed — emotionally, physically, medically and spiritually — by all the dogs that have passed through the portal of my life. 

My current 3 shamanic healers — Shamrock, Pinto and Nickel — are all descendants of Franny, the matriarch of all the puppies that have been born under my roof this century.  All become service and/or therapy dogs along the way. As have the service dog puppy prospects I acquire from breeders between the litters. I seek out pups for their unique and stable personalities and partner and place them. 50 partnerships between summer 2002 and December 2023. 

Exciting News - Online Service Dog Training Course Coming Soon...

After giving it some thought, that idea of being the light, I am turning my dog training skills, focused specifically on the additional work required to train a service dog, into an online course that will run live, for 3 months. This first foray is limited in numbers to no more than 12 dogs and their people. It formally begins January 17th. This course will allow me to shine more light for those who are able to take support and guidance and learn how to develop their canine companions into true partners. At home as well as out and about in the world. Now and for many years to follow. Well mannered, social and giving of their souls in selfless ways to mitigate the challenges life throws along the path.

I’ve priced this course at roughly 10% of what I charge for service dog teams I work with more intensely in 6 month agreements and, in many cases, make a lifelong connection. This course includes all the aspects of service dog training I have honed over the years. The course begins with a pre-requisite course of The Six Pillars of Dog Training Wisdom at a discount.

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