Available Dogs

The following dog(s) listed on this page are those that are in training as working dogs and are seeking purpose/partnering. Each dog raised/trained/socialized by A Better Pet is well understood. To that end, we know the ideal partners for these dog and try to list attributes for each individual dog. If you think you or a loved one could benefit from a service, therapy, emotional support or facility dog partnership, please CONTACT US.

DOB: 1/22/22
Breed: Springerdoodle (b/w, fleecy coat) 
Estimated adult weight 40-45 lbs.


Radish is an intelligent, social, attentive and charismatic pup who has grown both physically and behaviorally in the month plus she’s been at Camp A Better Pet. My original hope for this dog remains stable — I envision her as a psychiatric service dog for a young to middle aged adult who could benefit from a partner that will help open doors figuratively and metaphorically. She is athletic and cuddly, curious and developing great balance between adventuring and chilling. Her basic manners are falling into place very nicely and she is very food and affection motivated and thus is easy and a pleasure to train. She is beginning more ambitious leash adventures and we’ll be starting public access outings in June.  Radish is currently 20 pounds and UTD on immunizations.


If you are interested in Radish, please fill out a contact us  form to get things started. She is available now for partnering and will be ready for placement soon.  



Wren is a large ego in a small package. Sweet, cuddly, confident and incredibly social and scrappy, I put my eye on this lovely pup as a stellar therapy dog prospect. I envision her as an excellent adjunct for someone in a helping profession, i.e., a clinical therapy setting, nursing home, a hospital facility dog, hospice or funeral home support, special needs group, etc. Charismatic and sweet, spunky and calm and even though she’s growing, she will remain a small dog.  Wren is currently 7 lbs. and UTD on immunizations.
If you are interested in Wren, please fill out a contact us form to get things started. She is available now for partnering and is ready for placement to the right partner.
DOB: 1/18/22
Breed: Cavapoo (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Miniature Poodle Cross)   
Estimated adult weight 12-15 lbs.

Service Dog Contract

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