It’s All About the Energy

Last month, amidst placing and supporting the 3 now placed Bready Bunch puppies (Nickel remains under my supervision for the time being), juggling my schedule between dog training and providing online talk therapy, celebrating holidays and visiting family, practicing self care and wiping muddy paws endlessly, I finished my studies and received my Master Reiki Certificate from one of my favorite yoga teachers (and once upon a time, a long time ago, a dog training client of mine!).


Reiki is energy work. The practitioner is a conduit of energy and can perform reiki hands on, hands above or through space/time. As a conduit, it is neither a draining or enervating experience for me. It is a way to show compassion, caring, simple love and offer space to help one decompress. And it works, enveloping recipients in a calming of frayed nerves or worries and/or just overdoing things

Teaching others the art and science of dog training can be both draining and enervating depending on the situation but it is an endless passion that still drives me after 23+ years in business. More recently, as I explore semi retirement, I use a lot of my energy to figure out more ways to help guide and support more people into how to shape a dog to be easy to live with, often including helping guide people to the right make and model possible for their personality and lifestyle and wants for having a dog in the first place. While my main client type are pet dog people, I have been serving more and more service dog clients since I placed my first project, Ruby, back in May of 2002.

Rye and his boy, Matthew

In celebration of placing my 50th service dog team, partnering Rye with 5 year old Matthew and his parents last week, I made a spontaneous decision. I decided to produce a live and online weekly 3 month long service dog training course starting two weeks from today on January 17th. Called, simply, ABP Online Service Dog Training Course.

This Service Dog Training course is for those wanting the support and guidance to owner train their own puppy or dog as a service dog. To explore the development and maintenance and durability of reliable basic manners in all settings, public access guidance and functionality (the job for the dog to perform for their person).  

The ABP Online Service Dog Training Course begins with a required semi private 2 1/2 hour session of my foundation training, The Six Pillars of Dog Training Wisdom.  There are multiple options to schedule the prerequisite course. Not only will you get the foundation, but together we will determine if the 3 month course is right for you. Upon confirming participation in the course, which begins on Wednesday, January 17th, 6:30 – 8:15 EST, we will then share the registration information. The cost for the course, which includes the Prereq and many other bonuses, is only $1850, a fraction of what clients typically pay for the guidance and support we plan to provide. Sign up now on Calendly to reserve your space. For more information about the rest of the course, please visit our Kajabi page, which will be the platform used for the course. If you sign up via the Kajabi page, please check your spam folder in case the automated email from Kajabi doesn’t go through to your inbox.

Be spontaneous, gather up your energy, grab your spot. Only open for up to 10 teams and already starting to fill. Don’t miss this chance if you’re serious about wanting support, guidance and suggestions of how to live with, train, raise and benefit from a well mannered and supportive service dog partner.

If you have not yet been in touch with A Better Pet in the past or you have more questions, please start by filling out a CONTACT US form and someone will be in touch with you shortly to answer any questions. Or sign up for the Prereq to secure your space and we’ll still get back to you for some preliminary information. We hope to see you inside the course!