Leather Euroleash


This is truly a magnificent leash. Made of sturdy leather, it can be made into a regular type leash with a handle — but wait, there’s more. With clips on both ends, you can walk two dogs on one leash; you can use it as a tether to do a quick tie up outside your favorite pastry store while you run in for that sticky bun, or around the sofa leg to help manage your dog’s impulsiveness when you’re eating dinner or trying to relax or welcoming guests into your home.


But best of all, and why we truly love this leash, which practically sells itself, you can wear your dog! Just wrap the leash around your waist and clip it to itself. The hands-free approach allows you to develop a more benevolent relationship with your dog and spares your rotator cuff from injury!

Euroleash is 7 feet long and comes in 2 widths (3/4″ and 1/2″) and three colors: brown, black, and burgundy leather.

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1/2 inch, 3/4 inch


Black, Brown, Burgundy