28 Days Old – The Bready Bunch

Four weeks old. Rye, Brioche, Nickel and Poppy are all thriving.  

Eyes and ears are now fully activated and fine tuning daily. They are walking, barking, wrestling, rolling about, climbing, beginning to play with toys and  investigating things I put in their space, and developing a robust social life.

Pinto approves of gentle people handling her pups.

Yesterday they experienced their first official puppy party but truth be told they have been handled, cuddled, petted, held, cooed at and photographed by more than 25 people in their short lives.

Their First Supper Served With Style

And today, to celebrate their 4 week mark, I introduced their first official meal. Homemade chicken broth, shredded rotisserie chicken, formula and soaked puppy kibble. Served up in a silver platter.

Rye who is historically the first to do things and Brioche, who is the most voracious eater, both slept this first meal out despite efforts to roust them. Nickel and Poppy took to their meal with gusto. The other two will get their first experiences tomorrow.

My goal is to partner each of these pups as a service dog for an adult or child with special needs. Estimated adult weight of these English Springer Spaniel(1/4)/Olde English Sheepdog (1/4)/Standard Poodle (1/2) mixes will be 60-70 pounds and they will have non shedding coats. One slot is already filled; 3 remain.

Partners will be those who understand the benefit of living with a dog that can help mitigate their challenges. To help those who might be new to this adventure or want to know more, I will be posting updates on service dogs and that partners who have been out and working for at least 2 1/2 years. To hear from their owners the transformative power of their dogs and the adventures yet to be had over the coming years. Stay tuned for more on that coming soon.

Interested in learning more? Please explore the Service Dog Pages of the site and feel free to CONTACT US to learn if one of these pups might be just the thing you need in your life.  

We’re also planning on producing and releasing an ongoing series of follow up interviews with several of the service dog teams from past placements. First up, and soon, with will be an update from Liz and Pixie. Their original story from Fall 2020 can be found HERE. Stay tuned for more information.