Service Dog Training

Dogs trained to fulfill a specific function in the life of their owner.

ABP Service Dogs are trained to fulfill a specific function in the life of their owner.  This function will be defined within a therapeutic treatment plan for psychiatric disorders, medical conditions, physical rehabilitation, or physical disability. 

Psychiatric Service Dogs

Are trained to help their owner navigate treatment plans for a broad range of psychiatric disorders such as anxiety, depression, personality disorders, trauma history, and PTSD.  Specifically psychiatric service dogs may help their owners to:

  • Recognise and respond to signs of anxiety or panic attack;
  • Recognise and respond to signs of depression;
  • Recognise and interrupt negative or harmful behavioral patterns; 
  • Provide intimate companionship and foster engagement in the external world;
  • Build confidence, optimism, and a positive outlook;
  • Create social and community connections and build a support network;
  • Alert others to their need for attention or assistance.

Mobility or Medical Service Dogs

In addition to offering the same benefits and services as psychiatric service dogs, are trained to improve their owner’s quality of life in relation to a specific physical limitation.  For example, service dog training may include:  

  • Providing mobility support;
  • Turning lights on/off
  • Opening/closing doors
  • Retrieving items
  • Alerting to seizures/medical issues/panic attacks
  • Help owner develop pragmatic language/social skills
  • Recognising and preventing impulsive behaviors
  • Alerting other individuals to their owner’s emergency needs

Therapy dogs are owned by educators or medical professionals in specialty practice such as psychiatric, physical therapy or rehabilitation who use their dog as an adjunct to their work and services they provide their clients.  These dogs are specially trained to assist for example with special-needs students or patient treatment plans. The ABP Therapy Dog Training, based in Ohio and working with practitioners both in person and with online dog training, ensures that both the dog and his handler are well-trained and able to work successfully in different clinical settings and with a variety of people.


Therapy Dogs

Each ABP service or therapy dog, while having common foundational qualities and traits, will be specifically trained to each client’s unique requirements.  Additionally Rachel will create a specialized treatment plan to train the service dog team including the primary handler and any other members of the family and therapeutic team who will be interacting with the dog.   

ABP Service or Therapy dogs are purpose bred and trained from birth.  Rachel will, on request, assess a client’s existing pet dog for potential fit to the service dog role.

 However the requirements are specific and in most cases it is not a match.   

Service Dog Contract

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“I have had my service dog (Spark) for almost 4 weeks now and Spark has helped me so much. Rachel is extremely helpful and supportive.”
Sparkling Joy
“Rachel gave me the best gift ever in my service dog. She knows a lot and is always willing to help those who ask. I would 100% recommend her no matter where you live!”
Julia Binder

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