Tag Team Fetch During Indian Summer DIP

DIPs have proven to be such an amazing experience since launching them back in the beginning of the summer. Not only have I had the pleasure to watch dogs learn social skills or get their mojo back, but it’s been a great exposure to more and more nuanced awareness of dog/dog social skills that endlessly fascinate me. This week has been a glorious burst of Indian Summer after a surprising couple of inches of heavy, wet snow just four days ago. Today at DIP we had 9 dogs, nearly a full house — Trip and Bean, Bosco My Training Project, visiting boarding guests Zin and Jackie, and visiting dogs Bella & Tango, Rio and Poker. All but Bosco are adult dogs ranging from 1 to 10 years old. Medium to XL, males and females, sporty and spicy!

A little video of a shared game of fetch between Bella and  Trip while the others milled about in the sunshine, crunchy leaves, fire in fire pit, and general outdoor life of the inner ring suburb.

And when it’s all said and done, and everyone goes home, I have the added benefit of some very tired dogs!



A tired dog is a good dog.



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