The real blue dogs

U.S. Election map by counties.

The midterm elections are over. Gone now are the relentless and mostly negative ads and the results are in.

I think Trip is a blue dog. But not in the political sense. Normally perky for games of fetch, it was a calmer day for the introspective terrier.

Even Bosco toned it down on Election Day.
Bosco insisted on wearing his ladybug costume long after the ghosts, goblins and fairies of Halloween had drifted off. Perhaps it comforts him in anticipation of political dread.
Bean is as always. Sober, loyal and trusting. He assures me facts are facts.
Bean is Bean is Bean is Bean.

Speaking of facts, check out politifact to set aside rhetoric from reality. Dogs are honest in their feelings in immediate and usually accurate assessments of the moment. Would that politicians could learn that philosophy as well.

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