Spring into Action – Summer Group Classes Starting Soon!

George Gershwin’s classic, “Summertime, and the living is easy.”, should hold true for all.

But if you’re dealing with an unruly pup or young dog, maybe not so much.

Bring back the easy, learn how to hone that unbridled enthusiasm. Take your pup from the forces of “evil” into “good” and have fun in the process!!

New group class starts Sunday July 8th.  Held in the backyard dog friendly environment of A Better Pet LLC in Cleveland Heights, this 6 week class teaches you how to become The Benevolent Leader.  Your dogs will be relishing the opportunity to be out and about with their people exploring, smelling, playing, and learning.

Fun with friends.

Learn how to wrangle the beast that is your young dog.

Develop the skills necessary to ensure a long and happy life with your canine companion in a safe, supportive and fun, family friendly environment.

Registration is now open and space is limited to eight (8) dogs.

NEW IN 2012 – AUDIT  Want to observe and gather knowledge without a dog? Why would you want to? Perhaps you want to consider teaching dog training? Improve on reading calming signals? You learn best by observation. In this group you can observe and take that skill set home with you.   [LIMITED TO 3] —  If interested in learning more, email and put “AUDIT” in subject heading.

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