Shameless Plug • Cleveland – You Gotta Be Tough

The near blizzard of earlier this week forced a slow down, bringing to the surface with an ice cold punch the kind of awareness weather can have on limiting outdoor time for some of us in humid continental climates. Yet the active mind of the canine who might not be getting as much outdoor walking or frolicking when the bitter cold stings still needs challenging — even in the well behaved pair that inhabit my abode peacefully since Bosco found his new home last week.

I’m still working on the interactive toy product reviews and hope to post my first one before long, but now I appeal to the dogcentric video lover and fan of A Better Pet with a soft spot for Cleveland who wants to help push CLEVELAND – YOU GOTTA BE TOUGH, my recent minute long video opus submitted to the Cleveland Plain Dealer Holiday Movie Contest.

Scroll down to see the voting area!

Watch the video, notice the dogcentricity, vote for CLEVELAND – YOU GOTTA BE TOUGH, push me to the top and stay tuned for product reviews coming soon!

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