Dog Nights of Winter

Days are shortening, Thanksgiving is behind us, we  begin the festival of lights — Hanukah — tonight at sundown! Speaking of sundown, we in the northern hemisphere are on that trajectory to get shorter and shorter days for the next 3 weeks before the solstice and only then, in what is often an excruciating slowness, a steady increase back to light. Strong evidence winter is on the way as the calendar flipped to December — whipping breezes in the wind tunnel of my driveway, hardening of the muddy dirt in the backyard along with some dusting of snow, and a realization that warm weather is for the most part gone from these here parts of Cleveland for at least another 3 months. No more running outside barefoot to grab the paper in the morning unless I want to risk great discomfort or masochism!

Three on a Walk

Bosco the foster border collie puppy has forced me back into a very proactive role of training as my desire to spend time multiple hours outdoors has faded. I still enjoy a brisk walk and take all 3 (and sometimes the cats come along as well) but the decrease in outdoor activity indicates a need to increase indoor activity that I can tolerate.

So it was that I went and purchased — online and in pet stores — an array of interactive toys that looked worthy of evaluating for their indicated and possibly alternative benefits. I’m well over halfway through the experimental phase of these toys and will post reviews over the next two weeks to help you in your own quest to quell your beast without having to kiss too many frogs. Stay tuned!

First review coming soon:

Edible Chew

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