Interactive Product Review 1: Quado


Always questing for things in Dog Toy Category Three: Interactive Toys that I can recommend for those with active dogs who need mental challenges, I have undertaken my own Interactive Dog Toy Reviews.

First product review

First up, Quado. I think I picked it because it uses the word GINORMOUS in its packaging. It’s one of those words that combines other words into a cooler one. Like absatively or posilutely. However, I should have known better when they show a small dachschund gnawing on it despite the 6″ diameter.

Purporting to be “long lasting and made from all natural ingredients” (see below), I find the content analysis heavy on the gluten end and you don’t even get into the natural stuff until way down the list. 58% crude protein is pretty high, so it might also act as a shot of zip after the dog has inhaled it. And I don’t think my tester had fresh minty breath after his testing sessions were over!

If I were to amortize the value of this toy (price about $8-11) for my own use (my dogs, foster dogs, boarding or boarding/training dogs, client recommendations), I’d skip it. It took Bosco 10 minutes to chew one of the four bones off; added together it only took about 45 minutes of chewing before the entire thing was gone (done in 3 installments).  For the price of a single meal, I can doctor other toys to last at least an hour and then my high energy charge is sated both mentally and physically, not to mention full.

You want to keep your active dogs busy and happy during the holiday madness! Keep looking. If you have a small dog who is not an active gnawer, this might be okay.



  • Edible & Digestible
  • Reduces Tartar Buildup
  • No Plastic, Nylon, or Rubber
  • Rotates to the Best Chewing Position
  • Freshens Breath
  • Low Fat
  • Chewing Fulfillment

Ingredients: Wheat gluten, gelatine, glycerine, corn gluten meal, cellulose, vegetable gum, natural flavor, garlic powder, lecithin, brewer’s yeast, peppermint oil, parsley oil, fennel, and chlorophyll.

Active Ingredients:
Peppermint – soothes the stomach, aids digestion, and freshens breath.
Parsley – prevents flatulence, relieves bloating, and freshens breath.
Fennel – prevents flatulence, relieves bloating, reduces cramping, and freshens breath.
Chlorophyll – cleanses the blood of toxins, eliminates body odor, helps reduce bad breath, and provides a rich source of micronutrients.

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein58.0% min
Crude Fat2.0% min
Crude Fiber3.5% max
Moisture15.0% max

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