New Addition

Leo’s been here now for nearly 3 weeks. We’ve changed the water in his 20 gallon aquarium twice, scrubbing the faux “sunning” rock that adheres by suckers (can you call it sunning when it’s under a 60 watt light bulb?), as well as scrubbing the Fluval 2 filter. I’m already exploring the acquisition of larger tanks so I can get a bigger filter and not have to change the water. I also think he’d be happier and I’d be aesthetically pleased as well if I could make a habitat for him that isn’t so bleak. I’d really like to let him go in a lovely outdoor habitat to be with his people, but my kids, especially 10 year old Callie, would be devastated.

He’s amusing when he clanks across the hardwood floor, and the dogs don’t seem to mind him much. We’ll see how it goes.

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