Har-Vest Sees America

The endless snow and cold of February should be getting on my nerves by now but I feel I’m getting into some zen groove about it. I can’t quite get the heat to really crank on high enough to feel truly warm other than when roasting before a lit fire or buried under thick quilts, but this is truly why I think Uggs were created. Even my kids are being stoic and uncomplaining about things. Partly because they’re all agog about the possibility of adopting a turtle (stay tuned) so they’re on their bestest behavior about that in hopes I’ll cave (ssshhh….gotta keep ’em guessing).

I received a thank you package from a lovely woman named Yvonne from Oakland, CA (where I’m sure it’s not snowy and cold) including some great photos of her service dog Pepper. They’re back from a 3 month tour of the U.S. Pepper saw the ol’ U.S.A. wearing a red Har-Vest. I finally found the time to review some pics she kindly sent and then easily digressed to reading about one of the memorial sites Pepper and Yvonne visited. Here’s another link that’s informative too. FDR had a lot of quotes, but one that resonates with me this morning as I, remember, have that zen attitude about the cold and snow, is this one:

Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.

I may be cold, I may be figuring out how to balance my budget, I may be scraping the bottom of the barrel on occasion, but gosh, I’m very happy in figuring out how to market a product I invented AND can bring others happiness. So all in all, for a Monday, it’s a pretty good one.

Stay tuned about the turtle!

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