Look What Jeff Brought or, Oh no, not again!

My intentions to post more, work more, parent better, exercise my dogs more have all been seriously compromised this past 7 weeks by a bad back — in my case sciatica which has not been improving mostly because it’s hard for me to s-l-o-w down. This hasn’t stopped the usual flood of rescue calls to find homes for dogs, pups, cats and kittens and in all these cases, and stated clearly on the home page of my petfinder site, I will NOT take them under my care.

But, I guess in part to celebrate Bastille Day, I somehow found myself agreeing to take in a trio of orphaned kittens still so young they need to be bottle fed and tickled to pee and poop since their mother (who knows where she ended up poor thing — I always think of the poor mothers!)is missing. How could I say no!

It seems to be an annual event, taking in trios of orphaned kittens, but these guys need a little more help than the three from last year, one of whom, Byrne, still and will continue to always live here. These three need adoptive homes!

You need nursing powder, nursing bottles, a math brain to mix the formula with water and then the time and patience to feed and “burp” them all by taking a damp paper towel or better yet, a damp cotton ball, and tickling their privates to help them pee and poop the way their mother (oh dear, I just remembered about her again!) would if she were only with them!

We’ll update regularly and

please see their adoption appeal

and if you’re local and want a new friend, email [email protected] and let me know why!

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