What if dogs had cell phones?

I finally broke down last month and maxed out my cell phone plan with the number of phone lines by getting my youngest daughter, 10 year old Sophie, her own phone. Within a week or two of that I was convinced by my gaggle of girls to modify the plan so we could do unlimited texting to ease communication as their summer plans include increased independence. Sophie texted me at 7 pm on Thursday June 25 asking me “Did you know Michael Jackson died?” The reported news of The King of Pop’s tragic death was less than an hour old and she was out at her job walking a dog!

I have taught service dog pups to carry cell phones, I have heard tell of dogs who have swallowed cell phones whole, but what if dogs could increase their communication skills from the Twilight Barking a la 101 DALMATIONS and make calls, send texts..heck, why not teach them how to Tweet on Twitter? What would they say?

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