Kittens ready to move on….

They come into care as wee little orphans needing intensive hands on care.

Stuff needed for very young orphans.

This litter of five — Tank and his five dilute calico sisters Cream, Toast, Lizzie and Sparkle — were found abandoned in a warehouse by a kind soul on May 29th. Then she found me and on May 30th the pack o’ five came to our care. Now over two weeks later, and  7 weeks and growing fast, the quads are ready to go off on their future lives.

So if you or someone you know is interested in bringing in and caring for an adorable, highly social, mentally stable, healthy, active, playful and fun kitten, email why yours would be the home. More details on the kittens are here.

While I’m certainly more dogcentric, I seem to always have cats in my life, all of whom came as rescues, much like the 5 who gambol about under our wing now.  If handled and exposed prior to 6 weeks, the developing brain domesticates and tames and in my experience and in all I have read the developing kitten will grow into a lovely animal.

Unsocialized to humans, kittens after about 7 or 8 weeks will rarely if ever have the same affinity to develop into trusting and secure beings. Orphans like these with no mother to guide them have a better chance when left together to compete and develop skills. Three of these kittens look so much alike we had to mark their heads to tell them apart until their personalities emerged, and now they are each unique and developing beings — eating solid food, using the litter, coming when called, enduring the affection of the many who come to visit.


The Last Supper – by bottle

CLICK HERE to learn the adoption option and please feel free to CONTACT US by email to arrange a visit.

Lizzie (L) and Cream
Tank, the boy.

The Last Supper – by bottle

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