The Real DIP! Thornton Dip Coming Soon!

The DIP experiment has gone splashingly well this summer. Undersocialized dogs have come out of their shell, traumatized dogs have rehabilitated and relaxed, and the party animal cocktail party dogs have been just having honking fun all summer long.

But now kids are going back to school, the slant to the sun is noticeably different and there is an ever so slight tinge of coolness in the air.  I’ve felt and smelt crumbled leaves underfoot that aren’t from some plant disease or sloppy weed job. All those signs can only mean one thing — the annual (okay, so they skipped last year, but I forgive them!) Thornton Dog Dip!

Whether you're a swimmer or a romper....

So pack up the dogs, bring some towels, prepare to have fun and plan to spend as much time from 10 – noon as you can on Saturday, September 11, 2010! Bean, Trip and I hope to see you there. Pool privileges are $3 a dog for Shaker  Heights residents and $5 for nonresidents. Residents can swim with dogs. Lifeguards are on duty. No leashes required in the pool.

And if the Thornton Dog Dip doesn’t fit into your schedule, check out your own surrounding communities and learn if and when the community pool opens the gates for the 4 pawed friends who love a good romp!

...jump for joy! Dog Dips are coming.

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