Chicken Soup and Hot Dogs

The Dog Days of Summer is the name for the most sultry period of the year and boy are we in it now!
Hot hot and more hot
For a bit of history, it was the ancient Romans — obviously not distracted by pursuits such as internet surfing, television and vacuuming — who connected the dots of stars into 88 constellations.
Canis Major -- Sirius is the brightest star
The brightest of all the stars is found in the constellation Canis Major (the big dog) and is called Sirius (also known as The Dog Star). Translation: Scorching. And seriously scorching outside it is indeed! Record breaking heat waves seem to be surrounding the country. While 85% of this country now has air conditioning, I’m in the minority here {although I’m grateful my 100 year old house was built with great cross ventilation}. I do, however, have electricity and I’m even more grateful for my array of fans.
Combine the heat with the energy of a young inexperienced pup and you have to be mindful that overindulgence in such extremes can lead to heat stroke [which is not that uncommon and can be quite dangerous]. To acclimate dogs to extremes of weather requires some strategizing and common sense.
Visiting now at Camp A Better Pet is a Board and Train pup, Fricka, who is also a DIP regular. Already over 50 pounds but only 5 months old, she is learning how to internalize self control and develop manners.
Trip and Bean have been quite helpful in limit setting and are modeling the sorts of things Fricka needs to learn — coming when called, sitting, lying down — EVEN WHEN THE DOG SAVVY CATS TAUNT HER IN THEIR FELINE DISTRACTION EFFORTS. Not to mention fetch, Things You Can Do With Water and other fun activities.
When it was time for some calmer activities out came a savory appetizer,
Ingredients. MMmmm good.
Frozen Kongs With Bully Sticks . A recall, down, sit and stay later, all 3 — Trip, Bean and Fricka — were lounging on the lawn, lapping up the melting chicken soup and kibble with a bully stick chew to top it off. The perfect activity for hot dogs at the end of a hot day. And gnawing near each other with such high value treats in a calm and controlled manner is all part of the training. So,keep cool, find activities that challenge the body AND the mind, have fun and stay healthy.
Chicken Soup Kong Recipe
(great for hot days and cold! Feel free to make creative substitutions)
Chicken Soup
Bully Stick
Tape (Peanut butter optional — in lieu of tape, put a plug of peanut butter on small end of kong and freeze for a bit prior to stuffing)
Plug hole, full 1/3 with kibble. Fill up to about 1″ from top with chicken soup. Jam in a bully stick. Fill soup up to rim. Place in freezer. Freeze at least 6 hours but overnight is best.
Freeze overnight.

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