The Benevolent Leader (TBL)

I’ve been developing a routine lately (Pillar 4) of intense contemplation interrupted with bursts of writing activity only periodically interrupted by Life’s Other Responsibilities (Pillars I-III) — parenting 3 daughters, caring for my menagerie, and oh yeah, earning a living to pay the bills and all that other mundane stuff. I’m fully ensconced in the writing of content and the editing of video and the management of the currently ‘invitation only’ user group for my emerging tome, THE SIX PILLARS OF DOG TRAINING WISDOM and I’m marveling at how the whole process is impacting my own relationships in interesting and great ways.

So a week ago my very nearly 16 year old daughter returned from her week long trip to Southern California. Her hand selected gift for me — a sign purchased at The San Diego Zoo — which was placed on my vision board. I meditated on it until suddenly an — an epiphany.

As I’m putting together the puzzle pieces for creating a formula that’s user friendly, workable, measurable and doable, I’ve been grasping at an overall header to communicate the positive, non force based approach I endorse. Keeping with an effort to remain mnemonic, I have come up with The Benevolent Leader (TBL) versus The Annoying Thing (TAT). Today we’ll talk about What Is A Benevolent Leader. More on TAT to follow in a future blog entry!

A Benevolent Leader is one who thinks about what he wants from those under his care, not behaviors she doesn’t want. That those behaviors are shaped into the lifestyle of the individual, couple or family and current environment in a mindful, thought out way, even if the acquisition of the dog was impulsive and serendipitous. That the benevolent leader, like the dog, lives in the here and now but unlike the dog, can anticipate the future and prepare for it (Pillar 5).

And above all, The Benevolent Leader uses leadership built on trust and confidence, not betrayal and fear.

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