Special pre-sale offer for friends (video version)

I’m writing straight from the heart today, no editing, music or special effects —  just some of my crazy canine photo bombers in the background. I’m so excited to tell you about my newest service dog training project, a platform teaching others what I know works—a reliable, positive, step-by-step method to train dogs to work as service, therapy or emotional support dogs to aid their owners in the management of all variety of medical conditions and disabilities—visible and unseen

Take a look at my letter about the pre-sale launch opportunity —  or if, like me, you prefer video to text, watch the vlog — to learn about the new course. It really is designed to help the serious student learn how to take an idea of or an already acquired untrained dog to and through a comprehensive program designed to make your efforts successful.  Stay tuned for future updates. And thank you for visiting A Better Pet.

Watch the video!



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