Service Dog Pixie’s Ready for a Partner!

First day outdoors at 5 weeks old. Nov. 23, 2018

It is an especial time of year for reflection, contemplation and gratitude. Giving thanks for the things we hold near and dear (and hope to not take for granted!). And a time of year for finding great gifts for the holidays and beyond. Service dog Pixie is ready to help a human partner with anxiiety, depression, PTSD, migraine or other mental and physical challenges. Read on.

Nov. 2019. 13 months old.

Last July I placed one of my super puppies, Pixie, at the age of 9 months with a young woman interested in partnering with a sensitive, thoughtful, athletic, affectionate, curious and all around psychiatric service dog phenom. Initial connection and benefits were life changing, dramatic and encouraging. But, as happens, sometimes, despite best efforts to avoid it, the partnership stalled. And so it was that Pixie returned for respite, on her first birthday, Oct. 18, 2019. While option for respite is built into agreements I make with service dog training clients, her partner decided not to take her back.

Training and living with and supporting a service dog is not for everyone. It requires time, commitment, prioritizing, following recommended protocols, family and friends support and understanding that life does not always go in a linear direction. The summer fling for Pixie ended up as a jump start for her former partner, who by all reports is doing well. And Pixie has recovered from the stall and is her ever curious, irrepressible self. She is now ready to enable someone’s holidays and beyond to be ever so much brighter.  

Bonding with Gavin at college

Three weeks ago I sent her down to Ohio State University (O.S.U.) to be shared between my daughter Sophie and her housemate and friend Gavin.  Between the two of them, Pixie has adjusted well to college life and like my daughter, returned home for Thanksgiving break. She’s been attending classes with Gavin, work study job with Sophie, does errands, goes out to meals and pubs and grocery stores and plays with other dogs on campus.  Pixie’s zest for life is helping both Sophie and Gavin enjoy the benefits an adventure seeking, affectionate and charming ice breaker can have around the rigors of challenging academic pursuits. In short, Pixie is easing the anxieties of life with her effervescent and curious soul.

Pixie went back to O.S.U. tonight for another two weeks of campus life before winter break. When she returns in mid-December, she will be ready to partner and be in her new home by Christmas. Interested? If you or someone you love might benefit from a service dog that comes with a six month training/support agreement, please email  (put “Pixie” in subject heading) to set up a time to interview to get all your questions answered.


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