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THE SIX PILLARS OF DOG TRAINING WISDOM, Part I: The Foundation, the online course, is here! The introductory price is $37!

Our goal At A Better Pet is to help dog owners develop a better relationship with their dogs using positive, non-force-based methods. Our new course covers the foundational skills Rachel believes all owners and trainers need to have to work successfully with dogs. Those skills, which Rachel has identified over many years of training dogs, are explained clearly and logically in The Six Pillars of Dog Training Wisdom, Part 1: The Foundation. Designed for both dog owners and dog trainers. the course demystifies the dog training process, making training easy and fun for you and your dog, regardless of your background, experience, learning style or goals.

The course is divided into 19 short videos, which you can all at once or in several sessions, returning for repeat viewings as needed. Topics covered in The Six Pillars of Dog Training Wisdom, Part I include:

  • The 6 Things all Dogs Should Know
  • Your dog’s learning style — and your own
  • How does no-force training work?
  • What causes dogs to “misbehave”?
  • How to get your dog’s attention anywhere, any time
  • Three factors which make learning a challenge for your dog
  • Three tools which make it easier for your dog to learn

Here is a preview of The Six Pillars of Dog Training Wisdom, Part 1