It’s the Longest Day of The Year

It’s the longest day of the year as the summer solstice kicks in in the Northern Hemisphere; the opposite down south in places like Australia but even the shortest night of the year feels long if your biorythm is disturbed by a not yet housetrained puppy or a dog with digestive upset or …you get the picture.

Take the time to note your own dog or pup’s biorythm so you can be proactive about getting it out during last potty call (right before you go to bed) on the substrate you prefer to have your pup prefer (smooth hard like wood or concrete; soft and absorbant like grass or carpet)and give lots of kudos, rewards, joy, happiness to the pup for doing what you want him to do where you want him to do it and then go back to bed. Don’t isolate the pup in a room away from you in a crate but bring him into your own space tethered on a short non chewable lead near you in your bed (not you sleeping on the couch in the family room to keep the pup company) so you can enjoy the passive activity of bonding and have him enjoy sleeping later so you can enjoy the summer evenings.

HAPPY SUMMER! (or Happy Winter for you Southerners and we’ll throw barbies on our grill while you chill!)

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