Halloween in June • Modeling Redux

Another day of modeling…not as appealing as the day at the lake but you gotta make a living. This one was for a Halloween circular for Joann Fabrics to be printed in September. I had to drive my poor Trip 2 1/2 hours each way to Columbus, OH to pose in a Halloween Pumpkin Outfit.

While I have in the past dismissed owners suggesting their dogs act humiliated by stuff I had to say this wasn’t just calming signals of distress by my poor boy, but true humiliation at having to wear an outfit that was ill fitting. If only he could blush! He did have a sense of humor though. They wanted him to sit. He knows how to sit. He’ll sit if I ask him from 20 feet away with my back to him. But in this case, due to the fitting of the cape, he would stand and he would lay, but sitting was a challenge. That being said, we did get in and out with suitable shots for their project within 1/2 hour!

Upon our return the pooch crashed in the sun and dreamt of finer things (wishing he had the lake gig?)!

We dog trainers have no pride! But again, I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!! For those of you out there doing dog training, I heartily encourage you look into this as a source of fun and income. If you have questions about it, feel free to write rachel@abetterpet and ask.

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