Is Your Dog Ivy League Material?

I spend a lot o’time in private trainings helping people understand how I grok how dogs think based both on my ongoing quest to always increase my learning both from the literature out there I get my hands on as well as hands on extensive and often intensive experience with dogs of all sizes, ages, breeds or breed mixes as well as environments. For example, why is Trip the only dog in my pack interested in TV and only in animal related programs and what could he be thinking when he watches underwater creatures like fish?????

Dogs whose owners I work with come to my personal attention because there is at least, in the mind of the caller, some problem that compelled them to finally call for professional help or the proactive person who wants to prevent problems by starting out right. Those who know me since embarking on The Six Pillars get to hear or read about fragile tabletops crashing to the ground in a metaphorical explanation for that tipping point that finally acknowledges the elephant in the living room. From initial contact they then have to decide if they are willing to hire me to help them in their quest to better understand how to achieve greater harmony with their dog(s). Since my greatest source of referrals are word of mouth, they must like what they hear because even in a downturned economy, business remains steady.

Now comes along an opportunity to get your dog into Harvard!

Confirm some of your current thoughts about dogs, dispel erroneous rumors and maybe the folks at the lab will even give your dog a diploma for participation.

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