Who Let The Cat Out of the Bag? Or is it Who Let The Dog Out? Or, what is this Leak?

It’s official. There are leaky dogs who pee when overexcited, tires that need pumping up when deflated, pipes that leak and burst when you fail to properly insulate your home and it’s wicked cold and…oops, I’m digressing, but trust me, those leaks can turn into bad news… and then there’s information that spills no matter how hard you try to keep it on the down low.

Today’s leak speaks to the latter category and so the cat is out of the bag, or in this case, the dog is in the White House. Black and White Bo is the newly arrived and now permanently installed 6 month old PWD (Portuguese Water Dog) gifted by Senator Edward Kennedy to the Obama Family (Bandit, the dog in the photo shown here, is one black and white PWD dog I know, sporting his non contrasting black Har-Vest he now wears with great pride).

Ever since Mr. Obama promised his girls a dog (I on the other hand have promised my 3 girls NO MORE DOGS for now since 3 is more than enough!) there have been countless and meandering discussions originating from dinner parties, pubs, blogs, internet searches; under shade trees by dog park venturing cognoscenti, across international waters and probably also on the space station where no dogs dwell — all speculating on the canine beastie that would join the Obamas.

Other black and white dogs might look up to them (Hannah is a PWD wannabe but glows in her Havanese-ness nonetheless), others of any and all colors might find them fun to romp with or share a drink…

Some might like to take a dip in the pool (Milo here is a natural)

But whatever the activity, (gosh I hope to hear he’s helping in the easter egg hunt at The White House!) Bo appears by all preliminary accounts to have been carefully bred, very well cared for, obviously began his training in confident and skilled hands, and handed over as a gift by a beloved political icon who endeavors to share his own love of dogs in general and the PWD specifically to the new camelotians on this wonderful month (check out April 18th girls!) of various events!

Congrats and godspeed. And Thanks, Obamas, for making a donation to help those less fortunate dogs — mixed and pure, young and old, troubled and earnest, — find their own place to call home. And, as always, if you ever want to know how to integrate it all into life, my girls and I are happy to help show the way!

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