Har-Vest yields great results

It was 17 years ago, in the spring of 2002, the epiphany for combining a no-pull harness with a streamlined, functional vest/backpack was born while working with a wee golden retriever service dog puppy-in-training (SDIT). I found combining an ill fitting cape to identify pup as a SDIT over a no-pull harness to aid in training for leash manners a bit cumbersome and short on functionality. Weeks, months and then years of developing, fine tuning, patenting, utilizing and learning from hundreds of dogs helped guide me to the current version.

Har-Vest: 3-in-1 Backpack for Dogs has become a critically important part of my toolbox for training well mannered, responsive and happier dogs who learn without aversives.  And the calming effect of Har-Vest — to tone down overbearing dogs and increase confidence of overwhelmed dogs —  a happy additional benefit of a properly snugly fitted Har-Vest. Har-Vest helps shape both young and older untrained dogs to become better pets both on and off leash. Money back guarantee.

Here from the archives is one story of the functionality and versatility — Courtney and Taj (for more information or additional stories, you can GO HERE.)