Mud Season Begins – dog-tested beds w/ FREE SHIPPING!

Mud lovin’ service dog Puck.

It is said March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. This year March transitioned to April with a 5″ dumping of wet snow overnight where I live. It is also said April showers bring May flowers. I appreciate the budding, blooming flora in May. During the transition from barren winter vistas into the burst of new life come spring, and especially if one lives with a dog or 5 , one must, by necessity, contend with mud. When you have 20 dog paws to keep an eye on who are supporting dogs who were socialized to like exuberant play in all elements, one unavoidable one, mud, can make returning indoors challenging. Especially when 3 of them are service dog puppies in training!

Cozy on wash’n’zip bed

Every spring I have at least one working dog project pup underfoot as well as my own pack. So I’ve learned to cope strategically with mud. Washing floors every night after a day of muddy paw prints has become a spring rite of passage. So has emphasis on sit, stay and hold still while I wash your paws off!

One way I’ve learned how to make the puppy flow work well in a frequently used pinch is with the versatile wash’n’zip dog bed (see video below)

These well constructed dog beds work great as crate liners, couch/car seat covers and floor lounges, and are a great staple here at A Better Pet LLC. When I’m too busy or tired to wash all those paws, I simply direct pups into their crates and let them dry off on their soft beds. The dogs quickly dry, the mud sloughs off and we are good to go. Regular needed washing of the beds during mud season keeps them fresh and clean and lovely.  Because they unzip all the way into a blanket shape the entire bed is easy to wash and dry. They’re durable — in my experience each bed supports the raising/training of a dozen puppies over many years! Nowadays these beds come with optional proofer covers that protect beds and their zippers from exploratory puppy teeth. Now maybe I can have each one last double the number of puppies!

To celebrate the season, starting Thursday, April 4 and running til at least April 15, buy any Wash’n’Zip Pet bed and/or cover and use the code ABETTERPETTER in check-out and you’ll get FREE SHIPPING.