Latest Service Dog Team – Amelia and Summer

Team Amelia and Summer

My name Is Amelia and I was partnered with Summer on Valentine’s Day, a week ago. At first it felt overwhelming and there was a fear about her and our somewhat neurotic rescue pet dog Aero getting along*.  But as time passed — and it really has only been a week! — and things changed more she really settled in. And for far we have made a really great team. I couldn’t be more thankful for Summer.”

*Aero and Summer getting along great so far. A bit barky perhaps, but additional training adjustments will ease that.

Below, a quick video practicing training utilizing The Six Pillars of Dog Training Wisdom. Here adding distance and distractions to “go to crate” from one of a variety of locations. 

Very proud of this new team. Public Access training starts soon. Stay tuned for updates.