Har-Vest Review from Brooke and Dee

Five years ago when I first began tracking sales of Har-Vest, I bought a map of the U.S., glued it onto styrofoam and bought some colored push pins. Every time I made a sale, I selected the pin color to match the color of Har-Vest sold and started keeping track. Not sure if it was marketing savvy or just a way for a visual sort like myself to have an effective way to measure that I was not operating in a vacuum. And it looked cool as the pins added up.

Unfortunately, as the map, especially in the coastal states, started generating thicker patches of push pins, the styrofoam wasn’t thick enough. Pins would sometimes randomly pop out and I’d have no idea where to re-tack them. So bye fun map, hello boring spreadsheets!

But now as 2011 starts to wind down, each of the 50 states would be represented as well as other countries for Har-Vest purchases. But it took a midwesterner to produce a video review! Without further ado, and from the great State of Iowa, where people actually do what they say they’re going to do!:

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