Doctor Doctor, Give Me the News!

Wishing it so doesn’t always make it so. But today I like to think Sam learned the magic of wishing and his mom saw a dream come true. Today Sam had 2 doctor appointments. Never a fun task. Two in one day! Often, per mom’s reports, such endeavors involve lots of dragging of child and same child kicking, slapping, punching, screaming, and other uncooperative gestures expressing his disdain. The more dangerous behaviors include bolting without regard or awareness of safety.

But today, on only the second public access outing I directly supervised since paired with Bubbles just over 3 weeks ago, it was an unqualified success. At least the first appointment and our subsequent outing to visit some of my favorite dogs!

Sam let the doctor look in his ears and all the other doctor-checking-patient things doctors do at visits) with great cooperation. No tantrums, no struggles. Bubbles took it all in stride.


Sure the atrium water fountain was a real distraction. Sort of like Lake Erie, where she frolics, but more like that pool we took her to last week. But not quite the same. But a few rounds and some coin toss wishes and we could check off “distracting fountain in a medical office building atrium” off the socialization scavenger hunt!

Keeping mom and Sam and Bubbles on task takes some directing, and sometimes it’s hard to hear, but Jessica is a trooper and her own learning curve since we first met on Labor Day is astounding.

Giving Bubbles a chance to visit her besties Dottie and Ginger was a good way to blow off steam. This pair of she dogs are a great complement to the trio of males that raised her. They help keep her in line, whisper she dog nothings in her ear, let her have rip roaring fun and just let her have some down time in between the very challenging task of helping Sam reveal the charming boy he can be for all the world to see.

Hope the second doctor visit went well.

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