Halloween & Dogs

“Is the boogy man coming to take my pumpkin?”

“What’s in those pumpkins over there?”

Halloween is around the corner. I know my kids are getting excited for that annual adventure of dressing up, knocking on doors and being given candy. They are finally at an age where they don’t wonder why you can’t just do that any ol’ day and get candy.

Dogs are not as sophisticated at watching the calendar for the grand adventure of either going on the walk of all walks — trick or treating or, for some dogs, the horror show of people endlessly parading up their walk in scary costumes, ringing the bell and yelling “TRICK OR TREAT”. While it can be a wonderful socialization opportunity, for those who missed the boat or whose dogs find the stress too much to bear, management of the dog(s) away from the hordes is advisable.

After the treats have been accumulated (Trip and Bean collect them in the pockets of their Har-Vest), please be mindful of the possible toxicity of the treasures for your dogs and again, use wise management to keep eager noses and mouths away from the chocolates and candy.

Have a great holiday, and enjoy!

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