Growing Up

You care for them, feed them, help nurture them from helpless orphans and they start to take off on their own. Little Anna Heather, the orphaned kitten who came at the tender age of 3 weeks has been here almost half her life. From the scraggly little 6.1 oz critter she has gained more than a whopping 7 oz. and now is a footloose and frolicsome 14 oz. youngster. She has gained more sure footing, trots about fearlessly, eats solid food, uses a litter box, tries to clean herself (but still falls over more often than not), commanding the dogs to her bidding, winning the hearts of all who meet her. Needless to say I’m getting fond of her. But knowing I have to set limits, I have weeded through interested adopters and settled on a couple who live on my block. They will give her a loving and active home and the best part is should the kids and I want to see her, we’ll be able to. The best of all words. I’m selfishly keeping her through Halloween to see what she’ll think of trick and treaters and the pumpkins that will be flickering their orangey glow. Hopefully I’ll be able to add updates on the little one over time.

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