Fetching as an adjective

We’ve talked before about behavioral chains and how the game of fetch is a great way to define a behavioral chain link by link — 1. Toss object (or direct dog to get object). 2. Dog goes to object (speed a variable of course — saunter, run, hurl, etc.). 3. Dog picks up object. 4. Dog brings object to person. 5. Dog hands object to person. If your dog isn’t fetching, figure out which link or links are missing and fix those first.

Here and today, hours before the holidays kick into highest gear for millions of celebrators, I mean

fetch·ing (fěch’ĭng) adj. Very attractive; charming: a fetching new dogtag.


And now and for a limited time, you can get your own pet a fetching tag from the very place itself, Fetching Tags. And for added savings, tell them OH249 (that would be me) sent you and use coupon code HOLLYDOG (use all caps!!!) for an extra $4 off.
Lightweight, unique, useful and allowing for individuality, all my creatures wear theirs with pride ( and they make cool zipper pulls too!).
Happy Holidays From A Better Pet

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