Bubbles Gets Her Own Link

Now that Bubbles has had her final set of puppy shots and she’s getting a much better grasp of basic puppy stuff, we’re getting out on adventures daily. House training in the eye of this particularly brutal winter is daunting but surmountable. But getting her out regularly, keeping an eagle on her when in the house and managing (Pillar 5) her is the key. She is learning a “go potty” cue and is also getting that being ruffled and cooed at is ALMOST as good as homemade dehydrated beef jerky.

A Day in The Life of a Socializing Puppy

Just this week Bubbles (with her sidekick and mentor, Bean) had the opportunity to meet an uncommon group of animals — a variety of reptiles and birds housed on the campus of Washington Park Environmental Studies Academy.  A day later the feminine pup got a color consult (see above). After careful discussion it was decided that this irrepressible pup would remain a blond.

Since her outings and adventures and challenges are ongoing, and may have relevance to the dogs in your own universe, I decided to dedicate a page to the journey. So check back on the written, video and still image updates of one special little (but growing) puppy.

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