Meet the Brood! The Super Puppies are Heading to New Adventures.


First born and bear like, Mango is sweet, calm, loving, cuddly, affectionate and is seeking the perfect service dog partner. He will remain at A Better Pet for now.


Kiwi is scrappy and adventurous and, as with the whole clan, by effort and design, he is cuddly and affectionate. Kiwi will partner with a large family as an Emotional Support Dog for all. But first, off to college for a month of puppy raising


Large and distinctive, Newton is independent with a sense of humor. He loves to pose and is super cuddly. He is partnered with college student Mallory as a psychiatric service dog, already helping her immeasurably from her DIP visits; he moves to his puppy raisers for a couple of months later this week.

Maggie (nee Vera)

The smallest of the group, Maggie heads off to move in with her people as a pet dog this week. She is sweet, scrappy, funny and cuddly.


Energetic, loving, a bit mischievous, this pup will remain at A Better Pet for a longer evaluation of her future. Her nickname is “Trouble”!


Bravest of the six, Fig loves a good adventure, cuddling and toys. She is partnered with a 14 year old young woman as a psychiatric service dog and moves on to her puppy raisers very soon.