Willard Water Wonder

Did you ever have the experience of learning about something that was really super cool and then forgetting about it? Then circumstances bring you back and you remember and vouch for its amazingness.  Then you forget about it again? Well, from my end it’s either early dementia, extreme stubborness or my own aphorism, “sometimes it takes 2 or more repetitions to hear it the first time.” So it was with my recent experience with Willard Water.
Scene of the Crime
Long story short, last month while burning a fire in my fire pit for a couple of hours, I went to put the grate over the top to keep any embers from hopping out when I went in for the night.
Neglecting to notice that grate had been leaning against the pit the whole time, I grabbed it, gloveless. I could smell my flesh burning and hear it sizzle before the message – OUCH!!! –  got to my brain. I threw it off with a scream. I had a feeling it was pretty bad.
Ran into the house and ran my hand under cold water. Throbbing pain despite the cold water had me bemoaning my probable fate for the next few days and possibly an urgent care center visit. Suddenly, I remembered, “hey, don’t I have a mostly full gallon of Willard Water and didn’t I read somewhere that its amazing properties were discovered by a similar sort of incident?”
I found the somewhat dust covered gallon, splashed some into a bowl, diluted it with water, dipped a strip of cloth in the bowl, and wrapped it around my hand.
First thing I noted quite incredulously — the pain went away. I kept my hand wrapped overnight [covered with a plastic bag and fingerless glove], took ibuprofin and went to sleep. The next morning I unwrapped the hand and saw to my utter amazement that the injury already looked a week old and there was no pain. I was reconverted.
Since then, my hand has completely healed with no scarring, I’ve used it in the laundry, mixed some into a soap dispenser, splash a splish of dilute into the dogs’ water bowl every time I refresh it, mix it with my fruit smoothies, put some into both my own and dogs’ shampoo bottles and have added it to the watering can I use for my new tomato plant. While I cannot vouch for the immediate benefit for all of the above, I just cannot get over how something so simple has so many real benefits.   THE MANY USES OF WILLARD WATER
Now available in 3 sizes at A Better Pet, try it yourself and be amazed.

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