Where Does the Time Go?

Summer has flown by. While technically there is another month to the season, it doesn’t feel likeit. There have been long droughts, hot spells calling me to swim at the pool or the lake, cool periods, lately soggy endless rain (oh, talk about your bad hair day), and another season is starting to show signs of fading. Vacations anticipated and happily experienced and now that getting ready to go back to school feeling is in the air. Certainly it’s earlier than it used to be (like white shoes go away after Labor Day, so too does school start after that back in my day), but as the angle of the sun starts to show seasonal change, so too does the mindset from lazy days to increased structure.

Mr. Blue, now known as Brio, arrives today from Nebraska. Brio is a golden retriever pup born on the summer soltice in Nebraska from a parental set with the names Promise and Freedom.

Mr. Brio Blue at 8 weeks

Brio’s Dad, Freedom

Brio’s Mom, Promise

Brio is my latest service dog in training project. Brio’s future job will be to help with his person, Grace, who is a high functioning autistic 11 year old who certainly entrances all who cross her path. At least the adult set. Her blunt approach and poor boundaries can set her peers spinning which can be alientating and frustrating. Brio will spend his puppyhood in the puppy raising home of an assistant and her spouse and kids. I’ll get to snatch him on occasion for social outings and warm kisses, and return him again for the day to day routine so he can learn — where to pee and poop, to learn his name, basic commands (sit, down, stay, come), deal appropriately with all he meets and, when the situation warrants it, help mitigate the symptoms of autism which can make getting through the day challenging for Grace and those around her.

It is bound to be an adventure, one I plan to chronical over the next seasons as the pup settles in and has inevitable excursions and experiences. Stay tuned!

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