Time Management and Birthday Celebrations

Dogs live in the here and now. Right here. Right now. Sometimes, nay, often, it’s hard for people to grasp that. But to me the evidence is clear. It’s not just that dogs don’t exhibit litigiousness or hire henchdogs to do their dirty work.

When It’s over, whatever “It” is, it’s over. Sometimes “It” is scary or annoying and seems to take a very long time but in reality those “It” behaviors often just take moments or seconds and usually aren’t that serious. I assure clients with unruly or immature dogs that their dogs are not lying in their beds at night thinking up new ways to piss them off the next day (now cats on the otherhand…)!

On yet another otherhand, though, I’m finding it hard for my brain to grok, truly grok, how nearly 10 years has elapsed so quickly. My little ones from 2000 have grown — one into the queen and my eldest canine — the other my littlest princess (and youngest daughter still…phew!).

Today my daughter wore the birthday crown and entered into double digits. When I find myself moaning about how much time I spend sweeping up the dust bunnies from shedding dependents or picking up after the kids or figuring out if it’s gogurt or string cheese that they stopped wanting in their school lunches I’m going to try to stop and instead savor that I’m in a phase where I’m not dealing with house training and teething or dirty diapers and car seats.

Probably the next time I’ll be thinking of this will be when I get my next puppy or — gasp — become a grandmother.

Eek. I think I shall practice doggieness and just live in the here and now. Happy Birthday Sophie!

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