Thinking About the Weather

I was talking on the phone to a guy in San Antonio, TX today about toolbelts and after we were done talking about my wanting aprons and a toolbelt we talked about the weather. And then later it rained. And then I wondered about whether dogs ever think about weather or have a calming signal about weather to educate other dogs about things like rain and snow and ice and hail and tornados and floods and droughts. Now I’m surrounded by 2 sleeping cats and 3 sleeping dogs and in two other rooms 3 daughters are sleeping, presumably dreaming about school being over in less than 48 hours — gulp — and this guy in Texas, John, mentioned that he has a Malamute and there was a night sometime this past winter where snowflakes fell (gasp) briefly and he took his dog out to see if it triggered some instinct since the Malamute has always lived in San Antonio, TX and has never seen snow and I thought about how my animals seem to revel in snow, warm up by a crackling fire, stretch to take the breeze coming through half opened windows on these recent cool but comforting spring nights and wow, if they didn’t experience the four seasons, would they even know it existed?

Then I thought about those S. American Tribes that are being observed from the air in order to protect them from loggers and illegal developers and they don’t know about cell phones or cars or even the internet and blogging. Wow. I think I should get some sleep.

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