The Super Puppies Are 1!!!!

L-R: (in birth order with their mothership) Mabel, Shamrock, Franny (mom) and Pixie

The weather was perfect, the guests a delight, the celebrants in fine fettle. Today’s DIPs was so busy with active, enthusiastic dogs celebrating a happy event in incredible weather. Energy overall was more tsunami style than lazy day by a lake.  Practicing manners is a big feature of DIPs, never more so than when it’s filled with over a dozen people and a dozen dogs! Despite the chaos because of the training provided here at A Better Pet, we were able to manage and enjoy the sunshine, fire pit and the company of fellow dog lovers and of course, the dogs. Many of those present are experienced enough to know that raising well mannered, happy and balanced dogs, many of whom are service dogs for individuals with a variety of disabilities, requires a commitment, effort, support and learning how to develop confidence in being firm and fair but positive and proactive. Those newer to the program are able to get support and advice from those that came before them, and subsequently, as they continue to take advantage of the Drop in Play Program, they too will learn how to increase confidence in giving their dogs earned freedom to have fun and be dogs living in the moment. Below a quick clip, in slo mo, showing some of the athleticism and simple joy of living expressed by these amazing dogs. 

Happy birthday, my dear pups, may year 2 be filled with as much adventure, affection, love, challenge, and continued learning and growing.

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