The Real Tax Deadline

I guess I really do like to live enough on the edge in that I’m one of those people who postmark their taxes on the very last day possible…this year it happens to be today, April 17th because the 15th fell on a Sunday (the first day of a nor’easter on the East Coast…we here in Cleveland were spared) and the 16th happened to be Emancipation Day in Washington, D.C. where the IRS brain lives. Apparently this will happen again in the year 2012, so I’ll be looking forward to that! In the meantime, all I can say right now as my taxes filter somewhere through the mail system, the kids wrestle with the last of their homework, the dishwasher quietly hums as it sudses, is I’m grateful for it all. I for one am grateful I live in a free country and happily pay my taxes.

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