The Honesty of Dog Owners

I don’t know if dogs are sending telepathic ethical or moral messages to us when we sleep or if it’s just their joy of living in the moment, even if that moment is fraught with naughty behaviors, but I just have to say that dog owners are overall the most honest group of people I know.

Dog people come from all walks of life with varying family dynamics and sizes, at different life stages, from all cultures, ages, genders, number of dogs and sizes or breed/breed type. From my experience, the clients I have known over the past 10+ years of carving out a rich career in all things dog, I have never known a group that reminds me when I have forgotten to charge their credit card or returned things I forgot I let them borrow. Or just just more decent, more responsible, more mentshy.

I feel better knowing that Bo is in the White House to give President Obama, previously not a dog owner sort of fellow, the loyalty and non judgmental feedback as Barack, not the leader of the free world. It will help keep our kinetic president honest, and that trickle down will bring a continuing and tangible benefit to the country, despite the naysayers.

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