The 4 Quadrants of The Human•Dog Relationship

Quadrant 1: I Love My Dog
Usually cooed when the dog is sleeping peacefully and being “oh so adorable” because, well, frankly, because it isn’t doing anything you think is “bad” like peeing on your rug or jumping on your visitor or eating your pillow or running off or….._____.

Quadrant 2: I Hate My Dog
Often growled under your breath when, say, your poorly supervised puppy dog has done something you define as “really bad”. Like eating the new dog toy when you turned your back for just a minute! Or __________, or __________

Quadrant 3: I Like My Dog
When she makes a soft pillow and listens to my problems when no one else will. Or she listens to me when I ask her to do something or she just shows me the joy of living day to day or ____________.

Quadrant 4: I Don’t Like My Dog
When she does prewash before I asked her to! Or she gets into the trash again. Or she runs off or digs or I swear she understands but won’t listen or _____________.

Here’s hoping your 2009 is filled with lots of Like and Love, very little I Don’t Like but maybe just enough to remind you of the path to return to or get on towards figuring out the like and love you want and please please please don’t ever get to where you hate your dog. And if you’re there. Get help!!!

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