Super Puppies 3 months old!

Tribble, Shamrock and Summer

The triplet puppies are now 3 months old and ready to go. Half sister Summer nearly 7 months. Updates. Pixie transitioned beautifully to her puppy raisers and after 11 days just as seamlessly returns to my care as Tribble goes off to have her dose of puppy raising away from her family and only known home. At the end of this week, Pixie goes into her future home for a 3 day sleepover. I’ll be sure to add a post here very soon about Pixie’s journey start.

It cannot be overstated how nurturing an entire gaggle of puppies in training has been such an eye opening experience. So grateful for the flexibility to focus attention on their continued development as beloved companions and/or working dogs. And to have enough experience, knowledge, confidence, ability and support to do it without being overwhelmed. Raising puppies well is NOT for the faint of heart! It helps that the pups are in a great routine — sleeping through the night, potty trained, crate trained, social with other and many dogs they’ve met at DIP, fitted into small Har-Vests and having excellent reports at their 12 week check up. Booster shots, weigh ins. Tribble and Pixie just over 16 lbs., Shamrock a sturdy 21.1. (birth weights 

12 week check up weigh in

Obviously the little fressers are eating very well. To continue to nurture their developing neural pathways, they are fed twice per day by frozen kong (a mix of dry and wet Life’s Abundance and a midday snack of kibble and high value treats for training and reinforcing that which has already been trained. 

I expect that before they are 4 months, the pups will all be sorted out and placed in their future homes. If you want to inquire about any or all of the available puppies still remaining for service, therapy or pet dog consideration, please email rach[email protected] and indicate your interest in subject heading.

(Note: if you do remit an email, be sure to check your spam folder as I do reply to all received inquiries!)