Summer in Winter – PSD Ready to Roll

There’s lots of puppy activity continuing here in the new year and updates on the triplets — Tribble, Shamrock & Pixie will be coming here soon. Heading towards 12 weeks they are at the ideal age to begin careers as they have been well started.

Big sister Summer, now  6 1/2 months old, has regained a lot of my focus and a few recent outings and experiences confirmed that she is ready to be placed into a working home. My ideal placement for this 1/2 sister to the triplets is as a psychiatric service dog(PSD) (please be sure to watch the videos on this link)

The perfect partner for Summer?

A young to middle aged adult working on overcoming the symptoms from mental health conditions that prevent the ability, but not the desire, to live life to the fullest. This active, intelligent, loving, confident, well mannered, socialized, started in public access work, affectionate and bodacious dog is ready and comes with a 6 month training package.

To learn more and see if you’re the right match for Summer, please email [email protected] and put Summer Service Dog in subject heading. 

Winter break goes better with puppies!