Summer TWO HOUR Dips Are Back

The snowy winter and saturating spring of NE Ohio is behind us and summer is here at last. The sound of wind humming in the leaves of our dear Forest City lulls me late at night as I star gaze and the antics of my dogs and visiting dogs entertains me during the day. Now that 2 hour DIPS are back the non stalwart are returning to play and new guests are venturing in as well as the year round regulars.

Where else can you enjoy the sheer joie of dogs at play, get a guaranteed tired pup out of the deal, as well as learn the ins and outs of dog behavior  — calm or active, adoring or catty (sorry Grace & Tank!).

The Cats of A Better Pet

That’s right, Drop in Play. Check out the schedule on the Calendar of Events and make a reservation today! First time here? It’s FREE for clients of A Better Pet.

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