Slipping & Sliding into Spring, Celebrating Eskies

Despite the deep drifts and potentially lethal icicles that drip all about, sights and sounds of spring are peeking out — stalwart birds a-chirpin, lengthening days and a noticeably different angle of sunlight — not to mention my itch to feel bare feet on grass.

The Olympics are [ finally ] over and in the spirit of glasnost, or just warm feelings with our neighbors to the north, today’s blog is dedicated to the celebration of the 4th anniversary of the American Eskimo dog breed being formally recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club.
Eskies are modernized white dogs descended from Spitz dogs developed in the Arctic and northern area of the world and tweaked to come out in 3 sizes — standard, miniature and toy —  I contemplate the benefit of such a winter loving dog with energy to spare to pull my sled to get me where I need to go. But then I think about all that white hair that would need sweeping and I console myself that the Winter Olympics are over for four more years.
If this is a breed that appeals to the musher in you, learn more about whether their wicked high intelligence, high energy and protective but non aggressive nature might be a good match for you.

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